T H E   C R O S S

A Church where Everybody is Somebody and Christ is Lord of All.

Our first lady, Mrs. Eledia S. Harvill

Alongside her husband for the last 24 years, stands a regal woman of God affectionately known as sister Harvill, mother Harvill, and queen.

She is a serious woman of God who constantly strives to uplift the body of Christ in the vineyard, the community, and throughout Zion.

Sister Harvill is a women of excellence, integrity, promise, compassion, who loves the lord and has a heart to give.  Our children will tell you she loves to hug, our youth will share she likes eye to eye contact when in a conversation.  Our young adults will smile as she shares a testimony from the book of Eledia, chapter one, verse one, “if we know better, we have to do better.”  And our seniors adore and respect her.

Her current service in our local church is the life member missionary chair, advisor of the women’s ministry, and all departments of the women home and oversees missionary society.  She has chaired previous women days, and unity day celebrations, and assists in some means in most all ministries of the church by sharing her gifts of organization, and meticulous eye to detail.

On the district level sister Harvill served as president of the Hartford district minister’ spouses and widow(ers) fellowship from 1997 to 2004.  Under her leadership, a quarterly newsletter, “rose of sharing”, was developed along with numerous social gatherings, to enhance the fellowship.

In 2005 she was appointed by bishop George e. Battle Jr., as the New England conference president of the MS&W fellowship, and along with the conference spouses and widows and was given the task of working with the home missions officers to raise funds to help churches with in our conference.  After much prayer, planning, and implementation, a home mission banquet materialized, during the conference years of 2006-2010, a total of $345,000.00 was awarded to the New England conference churches, and $23,905.00 was awarded to 11 New England conference youth.

In closing, the bible speaks clearly about one’s labors.  Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 says in summary, that two are better than one, and they have good reward for their labors, and that three cords are not easily broken.  Together, we are strong in the power of the Lord and His might.